Refined Sunflower Oil

Crude Sunflower Oil

Our crude Sunflower Oil comes from a refine in Ukraine. The quality of the crude sunflower oil meets the highest standard according to GOST 1129-93. In particular, an indicator such as acid number – the lowest in comparison with products from other factories in Ukraine. Quality is achieved through double- cleaning without the use of chemicals. Schroth comply with GOST 11246-96. The protein content in the dregs – 38-39 %. Product yield from one ton of seeds average are sunflower oil (raw ) – 43,5% ; meal – 39,5 %; husk ( waste ) -14.6 % . Crude Sunflower Oil are sold in bulk a packed in flex tank or bags.

RBD Sunflower Oil

Our 100% Refined, Bleached and Deodorised Sunflower Oil come from Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Malaysia, South Africa and Argentina. They are high quality natural purified sunflower oil; natural source of the essential fatty acids and vitamins, which have extremely important physiological value. This is the oil for those who aim for balanced nutrition for themselves and their family. The production of this oil consists of 7 stages of refinement.

Features include the following

Net weight 920g per 1Litre

Does not emit smoke

Does not foam or burn

Shelf life – 24 months possible for export purposes

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