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The JazzTM apple is firm, crisp and sweet flavoured with hints of peaches and melon. The JazzTM apple presents with a pink/red blush over a light green background.   JazzTM apples are a cross between the Gala and Braeburn varieties and have been grown in New Zealand since the 1980’s. JazzTM apples have only been available to Australian consumers since 2007. It is now being grown in Australian orchards in area’s including Batlow (NSW), Huon Valley (TAS), Adelaide Hills (SA), Stanthorpe (QLD), Manjimup (WA), Northern Tasmania and Southern Victoria


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The Hass Avocado has an oval shape and distinctive pebbly skin and is easily recognised as it turns a dark purple, almost black colour when ripe.

Hass Avocados are readily available all year round in Australia as they are grown in several different regions.


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Fresh Cavendish bananas can be delivered to your door when you order online from Cavendish bananas are sometimes called William bananas and contain many vitamins including: Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Folate, Copper, Riboflavin, Niacin & Pantothenic Acid.


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Crimson Seedless Grapes have firm, crisp berries with a sweetly tart, almost spicy, flavour and are red in colour and medium in size.

Crimson seedless grapes are typically available from March to April in Australia, and they have an excellent shelf life.

Buy Guava

Buy Guava

Guavas are a small, round to oblong-shaped fruit usually with green skin which ripens to yellow. The crisp flesh is white to pink in colour with a juicy, sour-sweet flavour and tiny edible seeds.

Guava Fruit are sometimes known as Guyava or kuawa, and are available in Australia from January to April. Guavas are delicious fresh on their own and in fruit salads, or used to make juices and sauces. When green it can be cooked as a vegetable.


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Afourer Mandarins have been cultivated to be almost seedless to meet the growing demand in the marketplace. They are sweet and refreshing in flavour and easy to peel.

Afourer mandarins appear a deeper orange colour than their imperial cousins.


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Bowen Mangoes are also known as KensingtonPride Mangos and are the most popular mango variety grown in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of Australia. 70% of all trees planted in Australia are Bowen Mangos.


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Valencia Oranges have some seeds and a thin skin and taste sweet and juicy. Valencia’s are ideal for juicing as well as eating. Valencia Oranges were named after the Spanish City, although it originates from California USA.


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The Pomegranate is a tropical, apple sized fruit, which has a thick hard red coloured skin, with hundreds of tangy-sweet edible seeds inside. The seeds are the only part of the fruit which can be eaten.

Peak buying season is between March and June in Australia, and has the freshest and best priced pomegranates available.


Buy Strawberry

Buy strawberries online here at! We source the freshest strawberries from Aussie Growers and deliver them fresh to your door. Strawberries are grown all year round in all states of Australia. Aussie strawberry growers are found mainly in coastal regions, with the majority of producerslocated in the Sunshine Coast area of QLD. Other growing areas around Australia include the Camden region of NSW, the Yarra Valley region in Victoria, the Adelaide Hills, SA, and Wannaroo and Albany in WA.


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Watermelons are large, oval or round in shape and have bright green skins with light green to yellow stripes. Inside, the flesh of the watermelon is pink to red in colour and sprinkled through with large black seeds and smaller, immature white seeds. They have a light, sweet, refreshing flavour and are wonderful when eaten alone or as part of a salad.